A.K.Grodkiewicz began his career in photography, after finding a 35mm SLR in the trash, in mid 2007. His work began as purely personal and practical; taking pictures of “nice things”, family events, and similar things. Over time, and after many rolls of wasted film, he began to develop as a photographer; though still primarily artistic and architectural. Later he began to delve into the world of digital photography where he began to work with human subjects and critical events more frequently. In recent months he has been given the enormous privilege of working with his church; Refuge City Church (a church plant in downtown Dayton) to do photography for their promotional materials and website; as well as for their social media pages.

Currently Grodkiewicz works and displays photography in the Dayton area.

Costs and Fees
Please Contact Grodkiewicz.2@gmail.com for questions about fees.

I am happy to do free and discount shoots with the unemployed and underemployed in the Dayton area. Anything you need or could use to help you get a job (photo for a career profile; et cetera) I will do for free. Other things, such as senior pictures for your child, I will do for at least a 50% discount (depending on your situation), but at a limit of 1 session per 6 months. Be prepared to present some proof, or explain honestly your employment situation. I will not hold it against you in any way; times are tough. This is merely to ensure that you aren’t being dishonest.

*A.K.Grodkiewicz does do 35mm  film photography, but at an extra charge. For more info please contact me.


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